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How Could We Forget Clarke Kent’s Spectacles

Superman in Glasses… Un-recognisable!

Could the spectacles get any bigger...?

Could the spectacles get any bigger…?

Another famous spectacles wearer is of course Clarke Kent aka Superman (copyright Warner etc..). How could we forget… But we did, so here he is… (as Clarke Kent – Superman in disguise).

I was going to start a discussion on how foolish¬† people were, not to recognise him… Not just specs though is it… it’s the personality as goofball as below, right. But it’s pointless as it’s fiction.

Like the joke about What did Tarzan say when he saw a herd of elephants thundering over the hill? Answer “Look there’s a hurd of elephants thundering over that hill” Then… What did Tarzan say when he saw a hurd of elephants wearing sunglasses, thundeing over the hill? Answer “Nothing, he didn’t recognise them”…. Hmmm.

Copyright Warner 1978

Copyright Warner 1978

The new film in 2013 Man of Steel¬† is already animating a new discussion on when and where he’s wearing his trade mark glasses… see IMDb chatting and justicebuletin.com … Henry Cavill stars (June 2013 UK). I’ve watched 9 trailers and haven’t seen any glasses yet.

superman returns c. warner looking for clarke kent spectacles

Superman returns 2006 Copyright Warner Bros

We’re not even sure if the spectacles that Clake Kent has worn over the years are consistent. The top and the bottom images show a different style. the Christopher Reeve 1978 specs are huge; the 2006 ones are more tame.

PS. If you want to buy Superman glasses beware of the set of six drinking glasses!

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