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How Many Pairs of Spectacles Does Lady Gaga Have?

New and Very Interesting Spectacles (again) by Lady Gaga…

Calculated publicity... by Lady Gaga

Calculated publicity… by Lady Gaga

Don’t get me wrong, I love to see people in all kinds of specs all the time. It makes writing about them a bit more interesting. I know that it’s just another form of publicity (what actually drags you  down when you do this) but at least it’s [a] fun and [b] different. Kindof…

These wierd looking things were seen recently at an airport (doesn’t matter which) and when I tried to re-find them by searching “Lady Gaga in wierd spectacles” and in images, of course I got the whole range wierd and wonderful. And of course the costumes too… It looks like she has aspecial outfit for every hour and every activity.

But it’s good to see someone really havoing fun with glasses. She has a bunch of odd and creative specs that I guess she has made for her. Do you think she has a special specs  dresser? One of the other pairs had a similar set up except with the clip-on (sort of more hinge-on) flapping down. Is the up or down aspect an indication of mood?

By the way whilst on the subject of Lady Gaga, the best cartoon I saw recently waas a frail elderly gent being introduced to some-one who remarked “Oh, I didn’t realise there was a Lord Gaga”. Interesting concept…

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