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Jee Vice Specs Split Personality or Clever Clogs?

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One Face of Jee Vice Sunglasses

One Face of Jee Vice Sunglasses

As you’d expect, masquerading as the specerati as Spectacles Blog does, we get the PR puff from all the ambitious brands – of which Jee Vice is one. They sent the picture below of Britney Spears (who, to be honest I wouldn’t have recognised).

They say in their brief and annoying puff… “Reigning pop music princess Britney Spears was spotted wearing Jee Vice’s Crybaby frames earlier this week”. See image below right.  Now there’s many things to criticise… [a] is Britney “reigning”, I don’t think so – but what do I know?!, [b] they don’t look exactly like the other picture that they sent of what look like aviator sunglasses – but more cut away and smaller overall and [c] who gives a monkey’s?!

Guess what… if you want the world-news-breaking-important-details “The singer sported the sunglasses while out shopping in Canoga Park, Ca on November 9th”. Phew, thank goodness we know that… And these glasses, with a price supported by the fame attached (supposedly) is only $260. Is that good?

The other face... Britney in Sunspecs...

And the other face… Britney in Sunspecs…

I wouldn’t have bothered to show it or mention it but my interest ran a bit deeper, so I went to the Jee Vice site and lo and behold there’s a normal person wearing their wares – as you can see above left. Now I don’t want to be nasty but this girl (is she a model) is ordinary looking and not a stunner by any means. And sh’e on the home page in several poses looking like Joanna-average.

So have they got it wrong or have they got it right? Show off in the media with expensive famous  people wearing your expensive sunglasses and then show ordinary people (like us) in the same thing being… what…? Regular? Attractive? I don’t know –  I think this girl looks like she’s wearing over-priced shades which do nothing for her. Is she cool?

If she is regular and therefore she spent such a big chunk of her weekly pay-packet on these, then I might even go as far as saying that she looks foolish.

And even worse the $260 price tag for the CryBaby’s is cheap compared to other sunglasses in the range.

I feel very cynical today (but the PR’s started it).

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