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Kasia (2b) SpectaclesLong time no post… and is that for want of spectacles-related news, views or a boredom with the subject. So given that watching rugby (Six Nations) in a busy bar in Winchester may be more diverting (wearing my library specs as my current everyday specs)(having finally mashed up my normal day-to-day specs from Specsavers’s  * See below), I spotted a lovely pair of specs or was it a lovely face in  some specs that enhanced rather than hid it..?

Kasia (1b) SpectaclesI did ask where the specs were from but after the required Guinness for the rugby, I forgot… **

Kasia (I think that was her name though I had to check on a web site for Polish names… I thought she said Kasa), took my phone number but hasn’t phoned…  Goodness, I wonder why.

* Hugging & Spectacles on Chains

I keep my specs on a rope/chain around my neck… it’s why I never lose them. The only trouble is that when I take them off they sit on my chest and when I hug someone (as the mode is… or just as my affections are), the spectacles get squished. With a big man hug that can hurt and if it’s a lady they quite often get scrunched up in her bosom.  Does that hurt? In either case the glasses get a bit of a squeeze too and I think it’s taken its toll as they have given up being all straight and at first had a squiffy bend and then finally the arm broke off. Maybe they can be fixed by said retailer or maybe it’s time to get a replacement pair.

What do other people do in these circumstances? I suppose one alternative is to throw them round the back (and then panic later when you can’t see them). Another alternative is to put them on – but I don’t need them at short distances (why they are on my chest) and then the danger is glasses clash!

Lost Specs Found

This is maybe a spectacles subject all of itself… the losing of specs. Most people lose them round the house but I never do. Clever dick aren’t I?! I keep them in one place – only – and I wear them on a string. It’s when I go out that they get lost.

One pair ended up in my car park in the mud and I drove over them half a dozen times before I found them (Did I blog about that..? The indestructible Icelandic all one piece glasses I love so much!) The other issue is them jumping out of a top pocket when frolicking. I was reminded about this by mentioning the trip to the rugby as afterwards I ended up  having a great big dance at another pub/club and because I was not accompanied by many other dancers (none for the first half hour) I was leaping around a lot and practicing my shuffle-slide (very smooth!). At some point the specs jumped out – but I retrieved them the next day, fairly straight and only a tiny bit  scratched.

** Post script: I later found a diary note which said spec spitfire wincvhester (sic) and couldn’t work out what on earth it meant. Why would I spec the Spitfire Roundabout – of which there is one co-incidentally. After some more thought and research I realised I’d typed into my phone a note to  self which was the name of the spectacles maker. It turns out to be Spitfire Design!

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