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Lorgnettes Are Fine But Where Are The Temples!

Lorgnettes Are Fine But Where Are The Temples!

I don’t want to go on about old spectacles all the time as I’ve just done a post on different styles of old specs but in doing that I found a site for Lorgnettes.  Yes a wholesite just for these old style spectacles – though they do carry a fair amount of advertising for other types of spectacles (& lenses) too.

The site tells us something of the history of these spectacles (often called opera glasses, though I thought they were the binocular style and the picture seen here only confuses me further).  Most lorgnettes are Antique and people either show them at home or sometimes take them for effect at fancy dress of showy costume parties.  Somevery special lorgnettes have watches in the handle.

Lorgnettes.com claim that they “supply all major brands and types of Lorgnette. Our company is one of the fastest growing direct-to-consumer Lorgnette suppliers in the world. We have achieved this status by combining the lowest prices available with dedicated, personalized service.”  And jolly good luck to them in this pursuit too.

(I can’t find out why they are spelled with a “G” in the middle…but I will.)

(PS From Mirriam-Websters dictionary: French, from lorgner to take a sidelong look at, from Middle French, from lorgne squinting)

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  1. Kev Car says:

    I cant believe there’s no post about ‘Geek Chic’ what with all those nerdy glasses that they wear?

    Kev Car

    PS From Spectacles Blog – We do have geek specs if you searched under either “nerd” or “geek”!

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