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Measure Your Pupillary Distance The iModern Way For Glasses On Line

Buying Spectacles On Line? Get Your Pupillary Distance Right

Eye-Eye iPhone... Spectacles Pun

Eye-Eye iPhone... Spectacles Pun

Can’t remember how I came across this but I think it was in a comment sent to Spectacles Blog.  Anyhow, the news is that you can get an app (what else, it is 2010 after all) to measure your pd – your pupillary distance – so you can get the right size glasses or spectacles when you buy online. 

This has of course long been the curse of prescriptions and buying on-line.  You can measure it in real true life, using something as archaic as a ruler (a rule?)( reminds me of a bad joke …but I don’t use it as a rule…) or a tape measure – or indeed ask your optician when you get an eye test which you have to have for buying prescription spectacles online  – at least within the last two years (in the UK).

I’ve noticed that I’ve another post about this so I’ll stop here (watch this space for campaigning news) and just give you the gist of the app.  Go to the Apple iTunes Apps site and search for pupil meter. Costs $4.99

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  1. Steve says:

    This has got to be a savior for online spectacle sellers. Stubborn opticians have not placed p.d’s on prescriptions for years because they are afraid of losing the frame business. Thumbs up to sunmore systems who developed this although it’s a pity it’s not available on other androids.

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