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More A-Morir Wierd & Wonderful Spectacles

Spectacles Blog Lead Back To Gloriously Different Spectacles & Glasses At A-Morir…

We’ve seen these imaginative people before on Spectacles Blog with a bit of show biz glitz and a bit of spectacles name-dropping…  I’ve just been following a round-a-bout link all the way back to them again and they’re still worth it.

And I recommended them to you then… Did you go see? If not go now – to A-Morir by Kerin Rose and look at what glasses can be for the frivolous – but fun.

The onky downside (not the price of $350 for these/if you want them, you want them… ) is the note which says: all a-morir products are hand made to order. due to an increase in demand please allow up to a month for delivery.  I bet Rihanna and Lady Gaga don’t wait.  See them and a gaggle of other too-hip-for-me-to-know-much-about-stars on their site.

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