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New Spectacles Blog Category: Kids’ Spectacles

Kids Spectacles In Their Own Right

First of all, I have now added a section for “KIDS SPECTACLES” to lump together any posts for anyone looking for kids’ spectacles… but I have realised that although there are many posts that come into that section, )and I have been back over all the old posts to add them to that category when appropriate) most don’t feature kids specs as such.  Oh dear.

So my next task is to source examples of kids’ spectacles and show some more.  At the moment I think there’s only one post actually with specs in… so watch this space.

Secondly, I came across an old survery (from the College of Optomotrists – 2007) that listed the people that kids though added spice to spectacles wearing and that list included some surprises (the Quenn & Tony Blair).  See the full list… 1 Harry Potter/2 Johnny Depp/3 Elton John/4 The Queen/5 Paul O’Grady/6 Bill Gates/7 Tony Blair/8 Billie Piper/9 Dr Who/10 Anne Robinson.  Of course we know tht Hary Potter did wonders for spectacles and their image generally – and sales of particular types of glasses!

That also means that I have to add those absent from Spectacles Blog’s Famous Four Eyes section (including no.s 4, 5, 6, 7,8 9 & 10).  Looks like I’m doing a bad job at this.

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