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Spectacles with a face…

As so often an email turns up with either too much or too little info… but I guess it did the trick as I’m talking about it. This particular email said there was a new website for Reykjavik Eyes: The trouble is I didn’t know about the old site [a] if there was one or if it was any good or very different. (And it included a picture like the one shown here which is what caught my eye. There’s the start of another spectacles based pun.*)

Spectacles pictures need faces

I haven’t studied the spectacles in too great detail because before I got to that I again realised how important the face is when taking good pictures of glasses. The picture above (the site’s home page) looks great doesn’t it… But is it the face or the specs…?!    Have I managed to find the right pair as pictured without a face?

Spectacles without a face

Spectacles without a face

The MS6 in titanium in black as right are the same specs as above. So which looks better…?  Mind when you do look carefully there’s a few specs which do have something special in themselves as the one piece titanium glasses below left, which are called rimless even though they have a rim – albeit very thin. They don’t have a picture of these specs on a face to compare.

reykavik eyes ref spectacles one piece titanium

One piece rimless spectacles with a rim!

Talking of puns, a joke: Have I said this before… Conjunctivitus.com – a site for sore eyes. (I must have re-told that joke, surely.)

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