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Oldest and Only Spectacles Frame Maker in the UK…?

Spectacles Like The Used to Make Them!

Click the picture to see the spectacles story at the BBC...

Click the picture to see the spectacles story at the BBC…

The BBC just ran a report on their news magazine about a firm – Wisemans –  at the Algha Works factory in Fish Island, in east London which still uses the same machines that they imported in 1932. They claim they are the only glasses frame manufacturer in the UK but I know a few who’d want to dispute that! That’s not their only claim to fame as they made spectacles for many of our famous four eyes – Harry Potter and John Lennon to name two.

The machinery came to east London with staff too from the German makers! That must have been interesting times… All the spectacles are still made on the same machines but with new people… who have worked there for varying lengths of time from over 30 years to a year or two.

Are there more famous spectacles for the young?

Are there more famous spectacles for the young?

The speciality of the house is the traditional “round eye” which has been the same since the inception of the Algha Works. That’s the plain bare metal verion. The pictured image of the famous Harry Potter spectacles are obviously a variation on a theme. They pride themselves on being old-fashioned and you can hear the dis-tatse at the mention of mass-production and China in the MD’s voice when dioscussing spectacles making.

They try to make a frame for you –  for opticians – within a month. You can order one frame. They’re not into mass production… no surprise.

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