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Telegraph on Spectacles Image; Superman Again; Founding Fathers etc

Talking Of Men of Steel & Spectacles…

Whilst reading about Superman and his glasses before (I just got round to publishing that Superman Famous Four Eyes post, but wrote it months ago), I came across an even older article at the Telegraph about Spectacles’ image and the statement they make.

We always like a discussion about the image of glasses/spectacles but to be honest I’m not sure that this article adds a lot but I did like the way he described them as props at one point. I also appreciaited his candour that identity was key in the choice of specs, not health – though that’s a given once you’ve got to the point of getting some spectacles.

He listed the usual famous spectacle wearers (including Abraham Lincoln, who I’m sure we list – yes, see here**), a high proportion of whom were assassinated!

Since starting Spectacles Blog some time ago now… September 2008! WOW! We must remeber our 5th anniversary*, the image of glasses has changed dramatically, partly inspired by better design, partly because (perhaps) celebrities are olde rna dover 40’s mostly wear glasses and partly (as I’ve said before) because geeks have lead us into the internet age and fashion follows money and design.  Geeks are fashionale = spectacles are fashionable.

*I just remebered that I got invited to Spectacles Wearer of the Year. Must get it in writing! I can wear a press card in my hat.

Thank You wikipedia for the image...

Thank You wikipedia for the image…

** Talking of Presidents in Glasses…

I can’t find a new picture of Lincoln in spectacles, though we do have a picture of his spectacles on the above linked article… But he wasn’t seen in them much. Was the author thinking of another president? Washington?

I’ve just read somewhere that all the US presidents have worn spectacles.

But why do I have the idea that one of them had something to do with re-inventing them…? Aha… he says later becasue of Benjamin Franklin who was not a president but a founding father of the US.  He is credited with inventing bifocals – disputed but also fairly substantiated. See our earlier post here.

How Could We Forget Clarke Kent’s Spectacles

Superman in Glasses… Un-recognisable!

Could the spectacles get any bigger...?

Could the spectacles get any bigger…?

Another famous spectacles wearer is of course Clarke Kent aka Superman (copyright Warner etc..). How could we forget… But we did, so here he is… (as Clarke Kent – Superman in disguise).

I was going to start a discussion on how foolish  people were, not to recognise him… Not just specs though is it… it’s the personality as goofball as below, right. But it’s pointless as it’s fiction.

Like the joke about What did Tarzan say when he saw a herd of elephants thundering over the hill? Answer “Look there’s a hurd of elephants thundering over that hill” Then… What did Tarzan say when he saw a hurd of elephants wearing sunglasses, thundeing over the hill? Answer “Nothing, he didn’t recognise them”…. Hmmm.

Copyright Warner 1978

Copyright Warner 1978

The new film in 2013 Man of Steel  is already animating a new discussion on when and where he’s wearing his trade mark glasses… see IMDb chatting and justicebuletin.com … Henry Cavill stars (June 2013 UK). I’ve watched 9 trailers and haven’t seen any glasses yet.

superman returns c. warner looking for clarke kent spectacles

Superman returns 2006 Copyright Warner Bros

We’re not even sure if the spectacles that Clake Kent has worn over the years are consistent. The top and the bottom images show a different style. the Christopher Reeve 1978 specs are huge; the 2006 ones are more tame.

PS. If you want to buy Superman glasses beware of the set of six drinking glasses!

Vitamins for Eyes… That’s New… At least to me…

Am I in Select Specs Bad Books? See here…!

I had an email recently from Select Specs… It was the ordinary punter one.  They don’t seem to want to talk to me anymore directly about frames and propmotion. Shame because I’d picked out a couple of frames I really wanted to review…

Vits & Supplements… See here also?!

Anyway, the email today was all loaded with their specs but at the bottom of the page there was a bunch of special vitamin courses for eyesight. The header claims a range of vitamins & minerals to keep eyes healthy and maintain good vision. I presume that they can say that rather than “may” help to… (which used to be the rules… but what do I know)*.

visionace packshotThe products they sell are Visionace, Preser Vision and I-caps, the first being a part of Vitabiotics*. One pack had the omniprescent Omega 3 which I have read extensively about in articles that say it doesn’t work. (Why you might ask… because the benefits of eating oily fish are not replicated by taking the supplement. Apparently they don’t quite know why… Two possible explanations [i] eating fish stops you eating worse things [ii] eating fish delivers the benefits because of the make up of the suppllement delivery in its natural state…

A thought just occured to me… there is another website – Thrive – selling 28 day vitamin & supplement plans which I know doesn’t yet do a custom pack for eyesight but I wonder if some of the other packs (like a monthly cocktail) are the same or similar ingredients – or maybe better…?

Anyway I thought that it was a good idea from Select Specs to sell these supplements for eyesight. I wonder if they are selling any/many…

* Who’s website more cautiously phrases it as this: “which contributes to the maintenance of normal vision”.

PS I just had a nother look at Vitamins for eyes and saw a whole webiste (Word Press, they hadn’t bothered to buy a real url) with that very name. the only trouble is, is that it only has one piece on it an that had a link to an online store selling, guess what…!  vitamins for eyes!

Sports Specs, Specs Kits, Lost Links…

What the Spec?

Military Spectacles Kit - Practice Only...I had the below image in my drafts for future publication – for when there’s nothing to say about specs that’s topical or has grabbed my attention. The trouble with that practice is that I build up a huge number of drafts. I’m afraid that’s laziness on my part but is also due to the fact that I only ever see the list of drafts whenever I write a new post… which means that the old drafts aren’t going to get published that day.

Anyway enough about me… What about this image. That’s a good question. It look like a sports glasses kit with interchangeable lenses – and it also has the feel of a wholesale listing. (We get sent links to wholesalers all the time). Now the product looks pretty topical with tennis and cycling competitors – and champs – all donning similar shades – or even just prescription spectacles – in this sports style. The trouble is that the link (leison.biz) has disappeared so I have no reference any more.  I guess that there’s a new Chinese set up now selling such things for the unbranded market.

So apologies to whoever’s picture this was in the first place and to any reader who may have wanted some useful information. This is one of what I consider my useless posts! However there are many more posts here and there are many more months this year for me to write something more interesting about sports specs with interchangeable lenses… Search around the site… It’s not all useless ramblings…  honest.

Cricketers In Spectacles

Spectacularly Unlucky Batsman Sehwag

New Specs... Howzat...?

New Specs… Howzat…?

What a very odd spectacles story in India Today on line which lists the bad luck of Indian batsman Virender Sehbag and/or his spectacles as two possible reasons that he was stumped. To be honest I cannot quite understand how he got out but I think either the bowl or his deflection of same threw the ball into theair and Sehwag couldn’t see it in the air whilst it rather flukily dropped onto his stumps. Out!  Shane Warne & Alan Border, commentating, called it bad luck.

I guess one reason that the story had some news value was that apart from the unusual “out” it was this well known cricketers debut in spectacles, in this, his 103rd test match.

Famous Cricketing Spectacle Wearers…

Sehwag joins the ranks of Anshuman Gaekwad, Zaheer Abbas, Gordon Greenidge, Geoffrey Boycott, Anil Kumble, Narendra Hirwani and Daniel Vettori as cricketing spectacles wearers. In the article there was some discussion about the problems of peripheral vision in specs. And we all know that when you wear your glasses that your vision adjusts to the slightly different field that your vision presents. I know that when I’m wearing spectacles in the house (ay for TV) I have to be extra careful going up or down stairs as I’m not used to glasses indoors.

Reykjavik Eyes Again…

Reykjavik Eyes one piece glasses 2013 bHaving put up a post last week about Rey… (goodness what a hard word to spell if you’re not from Iceland) ..etc Eyes, they kindly  got in touch with Spectacles Blog and sent me more pictures with real people in looking great in their specs. Even better (he says selfishly) they’re going to send me one of their one piece frames.

NO screws and NO hinge to go wrong. Perfect timing as my then-current everyday specs of which I was fond j,ust broke at the hinge. It’s either glue them or put in the never-ever do pile. It’s probably the latter to be honest.

So quite soon I hope I’ll have some new frames (but have to get my prescription lenses put in). I’ll then have a pair of almost indestructible Titanium, no-breakable-parts, ultra-lightweight spectacles. And they look really good… The exact model I’ve left up to them.  Watch this space.

The only downside will be the fact that I’ll never look as good as their models in them. See above left!

Choosing Spectacles & Glasses: By Clothes Not Face

Colours scheme spectacle Cavalli style

Colours scheme spectacle Cavalli style

Over the years we’ve said a lot (often cribbed from other sites and info by those who have studied this at some length) about how to choose spectacles to suit you – see Choosing Spectacles category for lots of angles including eye shape/face shape/make up etc etc…

But then two things happened [1] sod the rules became a more popular philosophy and [2] people buy more specs

So why not choose them for your colour outfit. I have a couple of pairs of glasses which I leave in the cars – colour co-ordinated. So in the purple car I have purple/metallic pink spec. The black flashy car has blacker, flashier spectacles. They live in the car, so they’re always ready & co-ordinated. And I have one pair of specs which I only wear with one suit… both a bit over the top.

So now why not get some extra spectacles in every which colour and wear them according to your outfit rather than your face shape. And while you’re at it go for some different shapes and styles and have some fun.

Select Specs Clip Ons… Tom Ford… Etc…

All Quiet on The Spectacles Front… But The Wait Is Over…

tom ford at select specsIt’s been some time since we mentioned our favourite inexpensive spectacles retailer – Select Specs. And even though they pretty regularly send me and thouands of their other customers one or two emails a month, Ive not used them recently. I didn’t need any more specs for a while you see. But we have a new car (extra, what!) and I like to keep a pair of glasses in any car I drive to stop that foolish rush back in through the door (unlocking, locking) and the humiliating “forgot the specs” to anyone inside…

So I’ve rejected the Tom Ford special offers (see picture) and have plumped for one pair of clip ons which come with the specs as a package so you know they fit (regular readers will know I’m a big fan of clip ons and you’ll see these when I get them for a test drive) and a pair that I think will match the car (Alfa R.) but only cost £14.95. And that’s the joy of Select Specs – you don’t have to break the bank to get a new spare pair of specs. And I can only assume that the top brand specs they now sell in some depth & breadth are equally good value.

Watch this space for an update and pictures to follow…

New Spectacles Site

Great Looking Spectacles Pictures on Reyjkavik Eyes

reykjavik eyes ref spectacles blog

Spectacles with a face…

As so often an email turns up with either too much or too little info… but I guess it did the trick as I’m talking about it. This particular email said there was a new website for Reykjavik Eyes: The trouble is I didn’t know about the old site [a] if there was one or if it was any good or very different. (And it included a picture like the one shown here which is what caught my eye. There’s the start of another spectacles based pun.*)

Spectacles pictures need faces

I haven’t studied the spectacles in too great detail because before I got to that I again realised how important the face is when taking good pictures of glasses. The picture above (the site’s home page) looks great doesn’t it… But is it the face or the specs…?!    Have I managed to find the right pair as pictured without a face?

Spectacles without a face

Spectacles without a face

The MS6 in titanium in black as right are the same specs as above. So which looks better…?  Mind when you do look carefully there’s a few specs which do have something special in themselves as the one piece titanium glasses below left, which are called rimless even though they have a rim – albeit very thin. They don’t have a picture of these specs on a face to compare.

reykavik eyes ref spectacles one piece titanium

One piece rimless spectacles with a rim!

Talking of puns, a joke: Have I said this before… Conjunctivitus.com – a site for sore eyes. (I must have re-told that joke, surely.)

Brigittte Bardot Sunglasses at The Decorative Fair

 Classic Sunglasses from the 1950’s & 1960’s

bridgette bardot sunglassess at decorative fair

At London Battersea’s Decorative Antiques Fair yesterdayand on one of the new stands and a little off the side of the normal furnishings and decorative arts was a wonderful collection of late 20th Century ladies accessories like handbags and jewellery. Amongst this and what caught my eye were these two pairs of sunglasses. The blue pair were labelled “exceptional Limited Edition Sunglasses, representing the most famous movies of Brigitte Bardot (Babette 1959 and Maria (1965)”.

brigitte bardot classic 1960's sunglasses

The second pair, I’m afraid that didn’t catch the label. I was so busy trying to get good pictures (something I think I managed even if I do say so myself).  Pretty good looking in both cases though my preference is for the blue pair. Is that just the BB connection, I wonder…?

The exhibitor is Katherleys SPRL of Brussels, Belgium who specialise in collectables from the world of “fashion & luxury”. Katheley’s BUY or SELL. Their stock includes vintage haute couture jewellery & clothing, unique and/or limited edition creations and luxury “pieces of cinema”. Tres Bon…