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All You Ever Wanted To Know About What Parts Of Glasses, Spectacles & Sunglasses Are Called… And More…

We’re in the process of building the most comprehensive guide to spectacles & glasses parts and their various names and descriptions as a guide to the four eyed community.  (Funnily enough people also look for sunglasses parts which you’d think was the same as ordinary glasses except for the lenses?)

Meanwhile please see these previous articles on Spectacles Blog:
NB Part #4 is the one with the diagram.

Spectacles Parts & Glasses Glossary Part #1

LENSES in Glasses, Eyeglasses, Reading Glasses, Spectacles

This list could also include sunglasses (which themselves go by many names – as written before) are all frames holding lenses – held in front of the eye… for vision correction, physical eye protection or for protection from the sun’s UV.  (Any word in bold italics will have an explanation […]

Spectacles Parts & Glasses Glossary Part #2

VISION LENS TYPES in Glasses, Reading Glasses, Spectacles

Those of you who have had a prescription will surely be familiar with your own prescription and the lenses you have had.  Of course each time you have a new eye test this may change – particularly with age.  But wherever you buy your new glasses~spectacles they will have […]

Spectacles Parts & Glasses Glossary Part #3

LENS COATINGS in Glasses, Reading Glasses, Spectacles

When you buy your spectacles/glasses (or even sunglasses) there’s a wide choice of coatings which can be added to the lens.  They are simply “coatings” usually added by dipping the lens before it’s put into the frame – and they can be simple, complex and combined!  These are the […]

Spectacles Parts & Glasses Glossary Part #4

All The Other Bits Of Spectacles ~ Glasses

So far in the series of Spectacles Parts & Glasses Glossary we have only really touched on the lenses. Pt 1 (spectacles lenses overview); Pt2 (spectacles lenses types/vision); Pt3 (spectacles lens coatings).  So today… step forward… the other bits! The mechanical & the cosmetic bits!  What we call the frames!
The best […]

Spectacles Parts & Glasses Glossary Part 4b!

Bridges & Temples in More Detail

And some more detail on spectacles & glasses’ psrts – featuring the various bridge and various temple options


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    I am trying to track down a pair off Bugatti 211 – 213 sunglasses. Anyone able to help?

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