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Pince Nez Spectacles

And A Whole Website For These Nose Pinching Spectacles

Pince Nez Spectacles

Pince Nez Spectacles

Imagine, a whole website on the subject of Pince Nez spectacles… and why not.  And for those of you not familiar with the name, it translates (almost) literally as “pinch nose”.

1913 Specs

1913 Specs

If you want to visit the site (Pince Nez Renaissance) in all it’s sepia charm, you can read all about it… “… the work of two full-time pince-nez wearers, provides the advice necessary for wearing this style of eyewear”.

These guys want you to know as much as possible about pince nez.  (What’s the plural?) There’s about as much information about them as you could ask for and their campaign for  these spectacles’ renaissance is comprehensive.


  1. Alan B. says:

    Thank you for your kind words on the Pince-Nez Renaissance. As we say on the Renaissance, “once you go pince-nez, you’ll never go back.” Ok, we plagiarized that one.

    You have a very interesting blog and I will spend some time looking through your archives. Thanks again.


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