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Polaroid Suncovers ~ Sunglasses

Polaroid Sunglasses Innovates… Shades For Your Specs

Polaroid Vs. Polarized

Polaroid Vs Polarised

Did I never post this???  I guess not.  So speccy sloppy!

Please refer back to the Polaroid Suncovers PS when I forgot to mention that I was getting a Polaroid equivalent – seen here at top of picture.

Check the Polaroid site for details.

Now they’re supposed to be for those of us who wear little spectacles or want to read with their specs in the sun.  And they work great for that.  I use mine for driving (I don’t wear specs for reading) Because I can whack them on over my glasses when I need them.

But other uses have been for younger people when playing table tennis outdoors (they don’t fly off) where they give better side shade than regular shades. And we’re going to try them for same young man for skiing!  He doesn’t wear specs by the way – just the Polaroid

As Polaroid See Them...

As Polaroid See Them...

Originally Spectacles Blog wrote about the suncovers and Laura form Polaroid commented saying that Polaroid were coming out with some and I said, let’s see them and so I got them and they’re great – as above. See previous mention…

suncovers on Spectaces Blog and the topic of low priced versions…

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