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PS (Including Mr Johhny Depp) on 1970’s racing sunspecs

Famous Four Eyes Johhny in Famous Racing Style Specs

johnny depp in 70's aviator shades

Not quite the whole70’s look but…

After publishing the piece on 1970’s shades/sunglasses, itself following the film Rush, here comes Johnny…

Here (seen somewhere, wearing some other stuff… etc… see various sleb mags), he is in distinctively 1970’s shades. I have to wonder why..? He’s not a follwer of fashion – more of a setter. So why wear something so obviously fixed in a avogue and then ignore the vogue. Is the juxtaposition the trend? The specs just don’t go with the gear.

The specs themselves are reportedly nothing to do with our dear English/British film but the US Snakes & Ladders, also based on a true story. It’s a big coincidence isn’t it. snake & mongoose eyewear 70's racing shades

But I guess if 1970’s motor racing is in vogue both sides of the Atlantic, it must be good. Is all the rest of 1975 fashion back on it’s way too?

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