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Puplillary Distance For On-Line Spectacles

Spectacles & Glasses Retailers Helping Like Mad With PD Measurement…

Eye-Eye iPhone... Spectacles Pun

Eye-Eye iPhone… Spectacles Pun

One of the reasons people may site for going to a high street optician is that they like them to be fitted.  Now Spectacles Blog has no side to take because we’re just interested in spectacles, glasses and sunglasses and not necessarily where to buy them.  We do talk about on-line retailers but we also talk about high street retailers and opticians. And we talk about makes and brands of glasses and sunglasses too.But when you decide, if you do, to buy specs on-line then we want you to be able to do so confidently.  One of the things is that you supply the proper PD or pupillary distance which is necssary to get the lenses in your glasses in the right place, to line up the centre of the lenses in your frame – and thus focus – with the centres of your pupils. This gives the best correction and therefore effectiveness of your spectaclest. NB This is more important the stronger your prescription is.

How to get your pupillary distance for your new spectacles…

[a] Ask your optician when you get your prescription – and you can’t order prescription on-line without a prescription, and one that’s less than two years old.  he or she will have done the measurement but you may have to ask – see below about the campaign to give these…

[b] Measure it with a ruler! And some on-line retailers will send you one (as Metsuki below) and some will let you download a rule.  Ask a friend or use a mirror.  NB The measure is in millimetres and usually ranges around 63mm.

[c] visit a site which has an online webcam measurer – yes, isn’t modern technology marvellous! Visit Metsuki.com for example, from where I have borrowed the image on the right…

[d] Some (most) opticians tell you not to measure them yourself and they often quote two numbers which makes one slightly less sure… But this is part of the battle to save sales from going on-line. (NB The second number is taken when looking at something closer when the pupils get nearer – usually about 3~4mm –  and this closer measure number will be for reading glasses only.)

So take your measurement accordingly!

There is a “Give us our pupillary distance” campaign, lead by Metsuki anmongst others and when I originally started this piece it looked like Carles Kennedy was backing it. This has since been clarifies and qualiified.  See the Optician Online for an update.

See also the campaign website for “Give me my pupillary distance”

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