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RayBan Club Master Sunglasses In The Sun

Jo’s Very Cool Retro Sunglasses Get A Last Golden Outing In The Autumn Sunshine

Golden Autumn Sunglasses

Golden Autumn Sunglasses

A very proud but slightly shy owner of these fantastic sunglasses, Jo is.  She bought them because her grandmother (or was it her grandfather) had a pair just like it way back – which is a wonderful reason to get such wonderful glasses.  But at the same time she thought that they were the hit of the summer and that everyone had them and that they were not so special.  Well I hadn’t seen them before and I thought they were spectaclular.

Sunshades For The Conker Season

Glistening Sunshades

So I dragged her out into the sunshine and snapped her in these most snappy RayBan Club Masters – which are relics of the 1950’s/60’s classics – like the browlines we’ve seen from RayBan before

Unisex Spectacles?

Unisex Spectacles?

After Jo had modelled these for Spectacles Blog I tried them too.  Always the nose!

I absolutely love these glasses.  And they’re not even jumbo size as all the rage at the moment.

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  1. […] still early Autumn really and people are still in their summer/autumn sunglasses – see Jo’s RayBan Club Master Sunglasses as being worn just last week.

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