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Octagonal Spectacles by Retrospecs

Octagonal Spectacles by Retrospecs

A spectacles site that’s quite new to me is Retrospecs which has a huge range of frames.  Prcies range from £37 to £275 – but I don’t think that includes frames. (And the site seems to make it hard to enter your prescription and order frames with lenses – at least I found it difficult.)

You can choose brands, styles, shapes, period or by price.  Worth a look.  The frames pictured hre are £137 and are from a choice of no less than 36 octagonal frames.  They have 75 “NHS” farmes.  The irony is that [1] they’re seen as so stylish now and [2] they’re not the cheapest by a way…

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  1. paula tobola says:

    i had a pair of these years ago! can i purchase just the frames? if so, what’s the price? i am in Texas.

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