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Reykjavik Eyes Again…

Reykjavik Eyes one piece glasses 2013 bHaving put up a post last week about Rey… (goodness what a hard word to spell if you’re not from Iceland) ..etc Eyes, they kindly¬† got in touch with Spectacles Blog and sent me more pictures with real people in looking great in their specs. Even better (he says selfishly) they’re going to send me one of their one piece frames.

NO screws and NO hinge to go wrong. Perfect timing as my then-current everyday specs of which I was fond j,ust broke at the hinge. It’s either glue them or put in the never-ever do pile. It’s probably the latter to be honest.

So quite soon I hope I’ll have some new frames (but have to get my prescription lenses put in). I’ll then have a pair of almost indestructible Titanium, no-breakable-parts, ultra-lightweight¬†spectacles. And they look really good… The exact model I’ve left up to them.¬† Watch this space.

The only downside will be the fact that I’ll never look as good as their models in them. See above left!

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