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Reykjavik Eyes… Meanwhile…

While I Await My Reykjavik Eye Screwless Specs…

reykyavik eyes 3 screwless notAs regular readers may know, I am in receipt of some fantastic new frames from Reykjavik Eyes and while I’m waiting for them to be glazed (my fault, I haven’t posted them to the Leicestershire specialist yet) I thought that I’d show you these Reykjavik Eyes concept frames, which as they say are the “antithesis of screwless eyewear” !

reykyavik eyes 1 screwless notI have to be honest that I don’t know quite what they mean by “concept”! Is it something that they’re working on or is it a bit of a joke to prove how silly screws are in spectacle frames, if you now have the technology, not to have them. They say there’s something a little punk about this concept frame and I sort of agree… though I think it conjours up dental braces.

The rimless lenses are actually floating in the middle of the frames and are supported by eight tiny screws – four each lens. As a concept it actually makes a lot of sense in many ways (maybe not in all ways, but certainly many!) H&S might have something to say about the protruding screws.

Meanwhile, I really must get my (gl)ass(es) into gear and get those lovely new frames off in the post so that I can get them back and enjoy truly screwless glasses. (No screws, no hinges, no joints.)

I think that these concept specs as above really must be a joke to empahsis the no-no-no status of their real ranges. I do believe that they have a sense of humour in Iceland.



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