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Scottish Break Sunglasses

I can see clearly now… sunglasses

Seethrough SunglassesWhen I went to a wedding recently and met some interesting friends of friends, and as we sat outside our Scottish castle weekend retreat, there they were these fashionable people in fashionable sunglasses.

I know that they are not new to the world but I was taken with these clear framed sunglasses partly because of the contrast with the grey glass.I like them but leaving my notebook at home, I didn’t get to remeber who’s sunglasses were they. (I know who is wearing them but I don’t know who made them.)


  1. rosnalene martinez says:

    hi plz share what is the brand of this see through sunglasses because i’m dying to have this type. thanks in advance.

    1. Spectacles Blog says:

      Sorry Rosnalene, I don’t know but I’m sure they are quite a good (and expensive) make.

      Could be Moscot, but their glasses don’t have a distinctive thing (another blog post about what that’s called coming up). They make some nice looking clear shades but I don’t think these are they…

      They’re not Raybans either…

      Possibly Oliver Peoples…?

      They feel New York to me…

      I will try to find out.

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