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Self Portraiture: Making A Spectacle of Yourself

How hard is it to photograph yourself in glasses…

I thought I’d write a last piece about my new spectacles fropm Reykjavik Eyes before it seems like I’ve written too much on one maker…

Reykjavik specs - self portrait bBut what to say that I didn’t say in the post about when I first liked them, when they sent me some but I couldn’t get them glazed, or in the last post about getting them glazed (and that included some lovely pictures of the detail)… So I thought I’d show myself in them. So checking through my pictures, I realised just how hard it is to photograph oneself.

the problems of taking your own picture in glasses dFirstly where do you put the camera – in front of your eyes? And if you put it above your head or to the side the results are quite odd. See the composite below which includes some of the no-no’s.  Flash is, as you’ll see another big problem. No flash and it’s too dark.

The image here (above) is OK but I think that that is the reflection in the tinted lenses. As always I try to get rid of my face as much as possible. Obviously the art of spectacles photography doesn’t include self portraiture. The answer… get a photographer – and ideally a model. Just look back at the great picture from Reykjavik Eyes which first attracted me to them. Their site showed mostly people in their glasses.

But I do need to take my own pictures sometimes. Time delay maybe… But then all my pics would just have the back of running…

Maybe I should run a competition for the best bespectacled self portrait.

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