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Some Spectacles Won’t Be Back In Fashion! Or Will They…

Vintage Kids In Vintage Spectacles

Spectacles From A Vintage VantageThis picture of these kids in spectacles made me wonder as almost everything comes around in the fashion world. But do you think that htese type of glasses on kids could ever come back?  Adults can do that to themselves but to subject kids to retro fashion might not be fair – especially when specs for kids these days are so much fun and mre to the point appropriate. 

I know how hard it is to get kids into something their peers haven’t yet expressed an interest in, because I tried to persuade my 16 yr old son that a Morris Traveller is cool.  But not these specs… and I normally pretty much like everything.

Apologies to the photo owner but I cannot trace it back anywhere to give a credit.  Maybe it’s one of the kids in spectacles, now all grown up.

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