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Specialist Glazing Lab in Leicestershire… Shepshed

Finally someone to glaze my special new glasses…

Spectacles Blog in Reykjavik SpecsMeet Shepshed Optical. They are the one place that I finally found could confidently glaze my Reykjavik Specs specs. The specs themselves are so fine and sophisticated (bendy, unbreakable and hinge-less) that to put lenses in is quite a risky business. The lenses have to be strong and they have to be fitted carefully. My usual resources failed me.

Hard to break... hard to glaze...

Hard to break… hard to glaze…

That’s me by the way, on the left, in my tinted prescription pair: Not Shepshed, as the line above may imply! Awkward photographing oneself… Usually (why is that), I don’t show my face in spectacles photos.

So I traced Shepshed through Reykjavik Eyes and a very helpful man called Clifford (though I unfortunately got his name wrong at first) said yes, yes, yes to all my questions. (Except do you want me to help Shepshed with a new website). Yes they could glaze them: Yes, I could have tints on one pair: Yes, the price was right. They of course usually only work with the trade but were happy to help me in my hour (month!) of need.

Reykjavik specs - one piece. no hinge

No hinges… no screws… beautiful.

The clever thing about these glasses is their manufacture which is near to indescructible. But that does make them harder to glaze. Look at the frame on the picture, above right. What makes them so clever means that the frame is not continuous. These two pairs of glasses are the most flexible frames I have come across.

And the picture on the left, shows the tinted pair – in all their one-piece glory – with no hinges and no screws. You can bend them all you like and they ping back to shape and the lenses stay in. And dare I say so myself… they look good on me.

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