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What’s A “Specspert”?  Who are the “Specerati”©?

Does Wearing Specs Make You A Specspert?

Does Wearing Specs Make You A Specspert?

I have the url for www.specspert.com and www.specspert.co.uk:  This doesn’t mean that it’s not a tabloid pun.  I also have www.specerati.com & co.uk… ©

What shall I do with them?  I’m not sure that I have the specspertise © to know…

I guess that Spectacles Blog is a “specspert” but I feel that the latter could be used differently somehow.

Anybody interested in these great domain names?

specerati © and specspertise © are Spectacles Blog copyright 1.6.2010

Spectacles Puns:

  • Specspert & Specspertise…
  • Specs Appeal
  • Specs Maniac
  • Specs and drugs and rock’n roll © – I like that one…

Glasses/Other Puns:

  • Frame & Fortune
  • At First Glance…
  • As We Will See…
  • As one reader commented about our spectacles glossary – it’s a “glassary”
  • Just read this one somewhere else… the mobile phine wearing glasses ” I lost my contacts” Ha!

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  1. MJ says:

    That’s funny! And I’m a specsperienced optical pro. Ha

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    Happy holidays to you! MJ

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