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Ray-Ban Never Hide (Make A Spectacle, More Like…)

Catching up a bit on the world of spectacles, glasses and sunglasses, I’ve only really picked up on these – via Australia, which makes sense. And I love them. Straight into the “wonderful spectcles” section!

And some of the actual Ray-Ban glasses can be seen at their site here… but meanwhile one of my favourite pairs of sunglasses for some time are seen below. What I wonder is though is why a lot of the others in this range are black on the outside, keeping the colours inside the temples. It’s a bit like the “crazy” jacket linings… only to be seen once intimate? I think if you’re going to make a statement, you should do it and not half do it. (Why else call the range “Never hide”. There are some great looking specs in this range and the brighter, the better…

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  1. iOptix says:

    these look cool, we dont offer ray-ban currently but maybe we should look at it – no pun intended

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