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How to make a spectacle of yourself…

It’s all very public if you’re being useless with a blog as the date of the last piece you penned states quite clearly when you last did! And since then I’ve had over 2000 spam comments… I guess that Spectacles Blog must register as doing the right thing in some respects if that many spammers (or machines rate it).

Plus Heston Blumenthal has declared himself a spectacular glasses personality with a new range in the pipeline (or launched) with a well known UK high street retailer. Quite a coup for them I guess. I wonder what their big competitor think about that.

Plus I  have a million (nearly…) emails from Spectacles & Glasses PR’s with all the latest fashion and brand specs and sunglasses you can think of. I wonder how many are [a] attractive? [b] different? [c] too expensive? or just palin not worth reporting…? We will see when I get to it…

What else have I missed in my spectacle-free summer? Soem new wooden specs which are my favourite.

Oh and one last thing… Several of my pairs of glasses have bust over the summer.  Arms mostly but also some good old fashioned squishing out of shape. So all you lovely spectacles companies out there, who wants me to review some new specs?!

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