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Bad Spectacles Jokes:

It started recently when all the papers had Kelly Brook in her knickers for Specsavers:  Every one had the “specs appeal” headline. Was that a phenomena of creativity or lazy journalism with the headline coming from the PR with the pictures and the sub imagining that headline would stand out – against the fifteen hundred identical ones!

So I wondered what the rest of the standards were in the spectacles archive of hilarity and bad word play.

I’m starting this now with two openers, one from the above and one new one

  • Specs appeal
  • Frame & fortune
  • Then I will be coming back to this subject with more examples – feel free to write in…
  • And then one day we’ll make the definitive spectacles pun book – meanwhile I’m going to put them allon the Specspert Page

NB I have the specspert .com and .co.uk domains registered – so I’ve got that one covered!

  • PS New one… Am I a “Specs Maniac” for being obsessed by spectacles?

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  1. Johan says:

    Stop, before you make a spectacle of yourself…

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