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New List of Designer Spectacles.. or Not?!

Over four years ago I published a list of over 100 designer glasses brands which I found on one Italian retailer’s website. That list didn’t include sunglasses-only brands either, if my memory serves (which it doesn’t always). Then a year ago I was going to publish an updated one but I never got around to it… partly because I kept thinking it was out of date and then I didn’t want to count them all to make sure that I quoted an accurate number of brands on the list.

designer glasses search

Designer glasses search

Anyway, I thought it might just be pointless…

Maybe the point is that there are too many of them? There are the brands that we know as “brands”, who of course are not just glasses & spectacles makers, then there are some spectacles & glasses. Then the others… motor car manufacturers, speedway gloves makers (originally), fashion houses, perfume makers (is there any difference these days), up-market retailers own brands, spectacles retailer own brands, footballers & wags, celebrities, etc etc etc…

(Maybe it should be the other way round and the list should be… OK I’m a fashion house/designer brand. What can I peddle?)

But now there are more and more new brands and many of these are actually spectacles (and sunglasses) only brands. I guess that the set up costs are not so great with a web site and a good PR company. Marks up & profits are probably perceived as high and attractive for a start up. And then if you’re already in the game why not punt a new brand – or an old one.  It looks like some of them are going to live on-line – especially as the hardest thing is probably getting stockd in real stores.  So there are hundreds and hundreds and the increase is exponential. How many will win though?

If only more than a very few had any imagination…

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  1. Tate says:

    As a postscript, it’s really interesting (for me at least) to see who comes up in searches – especially when you do it in “images” rather than just the web. I bet there are people who think that they’re doing well for themselves and don’t realise who comes up trumps in “images” where I think more and more people search.

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