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Spectacles Photgraphy Perspective Discussion: Please Help!

Spectacles Blog VS Premiere Optical: Glasses 3/4 Angle Or Full Frontal?

I’m having a discussion with Premiere Optical who sent some pictures to their web developer – as you may know I have a hand in this area, on their behalf so I’m involved in the discussion.

Spectcles Photo Discussion - "Jake" JB Handmades

Spectacles Photo Discussion - "Jake" JB Handmades

I think that the photos which show the spectacles best (bearing in mind that they’re hand made and need to look a bit special), are the three-quarter angle shots.  Premiere think the full frontal pictures are better.  You can see how they 3/4 angle ones look as they are on the site at the moment (Premiere Optical).

Spectacles Photo Discussion - "Andrew" JB Handmades

Spectacles Pic Discussion - "Andrew" JB Handmades

Please help as I’m desperate to persuade them which looks best.   Look at the two examples I’m showing here…  Look also at the photo used in the Premiere site header.  I think it’s got drama and style.

Please send a comment to me on this post – it’s a ballot!


  1. Jez says:

    Hi. Without doubt the side angle shots are better in my opinion. But why not show both so all parties happy!

  2. Adam says:

    Three quarter view on the first one and the front-on in the second one.

    Just my opinion.

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