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Spectacles, testicles, wallet…

Does spectacles rhyme with testicles?

We all say it or we’ve heard someone say it or we are living under a rock somewhere without anyone who ever leaves for a trip.  (If you live under a rock, I guess that you don’t go on may trips, business or leisure!)

Some make it specatcles, testicles watch and wallet or switch the last two.  Either way or which ever version the spectacles and testicles are always the first – they must be the most important.  In that respect I suppose spectacles could be flattered to be up there with the meaning of life on earth for the male human – the reproductive organs!

Anyway do they rhyme?  My rhyming dictionery (Chambers) says yes.  Along with acceptable and unbeatable.  But then I do not rate this dictionery.  My good one (that I lost, of which I cannot remember the publisher*) gave rhymes by syllable match , working from the best perfect rhymes to the less good ones.

RAF priorities from WW2

RAF priorities from WW2

Some say it goes with making the cross (up-down-left-right) – but people out there are argueing about that!  It would have to come from the days of pocket watches wouldn’t it, to keep the symmetry!

There’s also a sevices version of spectacles, testicles, fags (smokes) and matches. And a book so titled about the RAF in WW2 tells the story.

*Or else I’d have got that one again – but I think it was Oxford.

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