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Spectacles To Be Made From Cucumber Skin

New Bio “Glasses” Lenses Fabricated And Through Technical Testing Stages Of Development

Following other previous notes about bio friendly lens and spectacles frame making, the R&D arm of Dutch lens makers Komkommer has announced its new lens made entirely from the skins of cucumbers.  The strengthened bio-material uses the actual skin which has undergone natural heat & chemical treatments to make it into the perfect inexpensive and completely natural optical product.

Cool As A ...

Although the benefits of cucumber has been long known for the actual eye and dark circles around the eyes for many centuries, no-one has used the product as a lens before.  Obviously the cucumber skin is of a harder nature than the vegetable’s flesh but makes it ideal as once the treatment has turned it into a lens, it becomes almost indestructable.

Komkommer have made the news with this process though they are slightly reticent to say when the product will be totally ready for the market.  At the moment tests are being made to see if the average spectacles wearer will accept the sligh green tint left in the cucumber based lens.

Estimated prices for launch in 2012 are £5/$7 a pair of lenses.  I’ll revert tomorrow with contact info.

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