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What the Spec?

Military Spectacles Kit - Practice Only...I had the below image in my drafts for future publication – for when there’s nothing to say about specs that’s topical or has grabbed my attention. The trouble with that practice is that I build up a huge number of drafts. I’m afraid that’s laziness on my part but is also due to the fact that I only ever see the list of drafts whenever I write a new post… which means that the old drafts aren’t going to get published that day.

Anyway enough about me… What about this image. That’s a good question. It look like a sports glasses kit with interchangeable lenses – and it also has the feel of a wholesale listing. (We get sent links to wholesalers all the time). Now the product looks pretty topical with tennis and cycling competitors – and champs – all donning similar shades – or even just prescription spectacles – in this sports style. The trouble is that the link (leison.biz) has disappeared so I have no reference any more.  I guess that there’s a new Chinese set up now selling such things for the unbranded market.

So apologies to whoever’s picture this was in the first place and to any reader who may have wanted some useful information. This is one of what I consider my useless posts! However there are many more posts here and there are many more months this year for me to write something more interesting about sports specs with interchangeable lenses… Search around the site… It’s not all useless ramblings…  honest.

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