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Sunglasses & Prescription Sunglasses

Or… dare I say it… clip ons or over glasses?

Someone came round today with a pair of redundant sunglasses and said she didn’t want them because they aren’t prescription and she now has prescription sunglasses.

Was that they way in the past? I know I’m older and know more spectacles wearers these days but it does seem that people are shifting away from either one pair of specs for this and one pair for that – to one pair for all. Yes, you can have spectacles with three focusses (say, reading/TV/long distance) and they can be either polarised, tinted or transitional.

Regular readers will know that I prefer my specs with clip ons – despite the laughs I receive. I think they’re cool. (Hey maybe the person who “lost” them was trying to make me their version of cool. Mental note: speak to Polaroid about some new clip ons…) So what are your choices…

Lightweight and Ready To Fly...

Ready To Fly…

[1] Regular glasses + clip ons – these shown are the butterfy ones… my second choice after the straight clip ons –  which do literally clip on over your glasses

Polaroid Vs. Polarized

Ready for what?

[2] Regular glasses + over shades – these are fairly practical but I don’t think they can be classified as cool

[3] Just sunglasses – means that you can’t see properly but if you only need them for reading or driving but can “see” fairly OK, this is an option

Ready for Hawaii

[4] Prescription sunglasses – fine if you can afford to get them and you like the style – but for how many years?

Ready for Change

Ready for Change

[5] Transitions – which are your prescription specs with a light-reactive tint which darkens as it lightens. (Is Transitions a brand name – can’t remember – nor whether there’s a more generic name…) (PS Just remembered… “photochromatic”… I think.)

Anyway, back to where I originally started, my wife now has sa very nice pair of regular non-prescription sunglasses. Lucky as she doesn’t wear glasses…


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  2. Subjective Refraction says:

    The new technology of transition glasses is great for someone who is looking for prescription and sun glasses all in one.

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