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Sunglasses ~ Spectacles Site Very Inexpensive, Very Replica!

Boatglasses: Unashamedly Replica, “Cheap” and Cheeky

Cheeky Sunglasse; Cheeky Retailer

Cheeky Sunglasses: Cheeky Retailer!

I quite often get comments sent to Spectacles Blog dressing up blatent links to other sites (always selling something – many of them unsavoury – but many as in this case, sunglasses, reading glasses or spectacles and so on)! The pictured sunglasses on the left are from Boatglasses who sent in such a comment but I thought the site had such chutzpah, that I’d give them a mention (and a link)!

Wait for it…

These replica Dolce & Gabbana shades are just $11.99!

They  have 83 brands which they copy.  Goodness know how they can be so blatent in the copying and naming who they copy.  Are there no intellectual or design rights any more or is it just impossible to police.  Am I colluding!!!

They also have Gargoyle replicas in their roster – for those in the Terminator mood  – among so many others.  They lookgreat but at that price what quality?!

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