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1960’s Spectacles

Remarkable Spectacles on Huffington Post

Assymetrical spectacles

60’s style and still cool…

I just saw an article on the Huffington Post site which paraded 13 remarkable pairs of specs. Some we’ve seen before and some were too “novelty” to show but two pairs caught my eye.  All the photos were from the tome below…

Fashion Spectacles, Spectacular Fashion [Thames & Hudson, $50.00]

anglo american lips spectacles

Rolling Stones style & still cool…

The two frames I thought were worth showing are slightly different.Above, a piece of assymetry which catches the eye in every sense of the word…

Below, the lips shaped specs from Lawrence Jenkin of Anglo American. What I really like is the little bit of tooth showing. I’d like to see these  on a face though…

All the photos are by Drew Gardner

Uma Thurman Avengers Sunglasses

1998 Film With Sixties Sunglasses

Sexy Specs At The Movies

Sexy Specs At The Movies

I came across this picture and these specs the other day on a movie site.  It’s Ralph Fiennes and of course Uma Thurman in Warner Bros’ The Avengers movie (which met with critical distaste).  The original Avengers was a 1960’s UK TV series with the Thurman role (Emma Peel) played by several girls in series, including Dianna Rigg and Linda Thornton(?)

Always stylish and usually contrived and a bit odd. Just like these sunglasses, though I’d like to see a biit more of them.