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Update Heston Blumenthal Spectacles

Bespoke Spectacles – but not the maker…yet…

I am on the trail of the maker of the famous Blumenthal spectacles as in my previous post.  I have not yet tracked down the maker – they could be anywhere in the world!  But I have a contact who could make an exact look-a-like pair to fit any one who wants to commission the same.

Premiere's "Alex" Style

Premiere's "Alex" Style

POST SCRIPT: Sadly the Heston Blumenthal look-a-like spectacles cannot be made by this contact (see comment on related post, from Russ).  Oops!“They do continuue to make almost any other pair though – sorry, this is not much of a compensation if you wanted the Blumenthal style. You can get some through Michel Guillon at http://www.michelguillon.co.uk

As for Premiere, they do say on their site that they are… “glasses and spectacle manufacturers based in the UK. We have been making handmade and bespoke spectacle frames now for over 50 years. We specialise in glasses & sunglasses repair in metal or plastic and offer bespoke spec design to meet the demand for unique one-off or limited ranges of glasses frames. We have a full eyeglass glazing department”.