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Bugatti Spectacles

Some Different Bugatti Spectacles

And A Bit Of Bugatti Eyewear/Augar History

Certainly Not Browline...

Certainly Not Browline Spectacles

(When I say different, I mean different to the now famous and much looked-for Heston Blumenthal spectacles we’ve looked at and searched for many times!)

So here’s a little bit of spectacles history…  Since 2005  Augar has owned the Bugatti brand and added it to the French stable of glasses & sunglasses brands which makes Sensio and Augur.  Augar is named after the founder Herve Lamy’s two sons Auguste and Arsene.  The Lamy family has been associated with spectacles ~ glasses making in the French spectacles “capital” Morez for over 200 years.

So the great Italian brand (after the man & the car) is now French.  (In fact although Bugatti was an Italian the car manufacture was in Alsace which has been variously French/German, where Ettore is buried.) (Bugatti cars are now VW just to complete the vagarie of todays marques’ nationalities!)

“Nothing is too beautiful.  Nothing is too expensive”, said Ettore Bugatti. Funnily enough he was, despite his passion for speed, engineering, design & style, not a looker – see right.  He’s not a great brand model.

Having said all that by way of a little historical ramble, the glasses seen above are two versions of model type 225 from the current collection of Bugatti Eyewear.  I admire their straight brow-line in defiance of the usual curves.  That’s some style!  Beautiful, I don’t know – expensive, no doubt!