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Ice Cream Flavoured Spectacles

ReadingGlasses.com: They say they are the biggest in the world for designer reading glasses.

(Well I used to work for a company [nothing to do with spectacles or glasses] who were not the biggest in anything [except possibly being fools!] and they spent a year trying to find out by what definition they were the biggest – either by combining products or by excludng them – and they could have used the time in improving their product which would have been more important and more productive!)

Anyway let’s give Reading Glasses the beneftit of the doubt!  And how would we check anyway without buying spectacles/reading glasses market reports which cost thousands!  SO they’re big!  And infact they do have a good offering on the internet.  And I found these half frame glasses from Goo Goo Eyes, with who I’m not familiar.  I like them.  For $85, available in  Pistachio, Praline and Passion Pink.  Sounds like ice cream – and they are kind of ice creamy in their colourful ambition and fun style – so why not?!

A Trip Through The Looking Glasses

Always Looking For Special Spectacles…

Stylish Style

Spectacles Blog went on a little trip through the ether… following a link about some “glorious” round tortoishell spectacles.

I went via Style Salvage (savagely fashionable), an article in a magazine called Fantastic Man (only snippets on-line) and lastly to an even more fiendshly fashionista garance dore site where I eventually picked up this photo of theses oversize round tortoise-shell glasses.  It was in French so I’m only 65% sure that there was no definitive reference to who made them. “Giovanna” was mentioned – not sure if he/they made the spectacles though.  (Giovanni Vitaloni, maybe???)

They’re great though aren’t they – even though we’re not certain where they came from.  If I find out for sure, I’ll let you know! Meanwhile there are similar or bespoke makers who can do the job…