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Spectacles Blog Comment: Can You Afford An Eye Test?

UK Eyes In Danger Says Charity

Make Eye Tests Cheaper - or FREE!

Then Make Eye Tests Cheaper - or Free - All The Time!

This story (in more detail) was seen in The Optician On Line

Because of the cost of eye tests, there are great worries that many are not getting their eyes tested when they should be.  Action for Blind People (ABP) say thet 25% of the UK may be endangering their vision because of the financial downturn.  They are calling for people to get their eyes tested and not to be put off by the economic downturn after a study revealed that many are avoiding eye tests because of the cost.

In a separate survey commissioned by medical insurer Engage Mutual, indications are 26% are struggling to meet the cost of new spectacles.

The Optician On Line says “The publication of both surveys coincides with December’s annual state of healthcare report to Parliament, which revealed that just over half of adults have received dental services over the past two years and many others are struggling with meeting other healthcare costs such as paying for eye tests”.

Spectacles Blog says “Hello!”  Sure, people avoid eye tests because of the cost – just like not going to the dentist – but the “credit crunch” is not the major influence.    This is just another credit crunch panic story – IF THE COST OF EYE TESTS IS TOO HIGH TO ACTUALLY DISCOURAGE THEM THEN MAKE THEM CHEAPER OR GET THEM SUBSIDISED – CRUNCH OR NOT! 

Don’t blame the crunch for everything!  (This is just speculation and guess-work.  I could guess that people may also avoid these things in January from a New Year tight-budget point of view …or maybe others decide to have an eye tests as part of a New Year resolution.) 

Further more what’s the cost of spectacles or glasses compared to the eye test?

I can’t see the point of this when it should be a permanent and ongoing campaign to help people to be able to afford eye tests all the time.