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Famous Four-Eyes

Famous Four Eyes: Chris Evans & His Glasses

But Has He Changed His Spectacles Style?

Spectalces Before & After

Spectacles Before & After

A reader of Spectacles Blog has suggested that I add Chris Evans to Famous Four Eyes.  In fact he was incredulous that he wasn’t included already!  Well, who am I to argue…  Sorry to Chris and our reader.

So here he is with his signature specs…  Though if we look at the top image taken form the current BBC website, the glasses are a lot lighter, dare I say… a little more fashionable and probably as a consequence, less distinctive.  But life goes on.

We know that Chris Evans BBC R2 radio show includes a spot about websites.  I must phone in and tell him about our regular feature – “Famous Four Eyes” – in Spectacles Blog and his inclusion in our hall of be-spectacled fame.

Will He Be A Famous Four Eyes: Gary Go

Trading On His Spectacles – Smart Man!

Gary-Go-Album-Cover ref spectacles

Trading on his spectacles…

Gary Go (real name Gary Baker) will be supporting Take That on their UK tour this year- after meeting Gary Barlow through friends and meeting in a pub.  Gary Go’s making a name for himself at the moment in anticipation with a new album and looks all set to be a star once the tour’s done, later this year.

And his image (see the video) is very much specs based.  He and his band all wear them in the  video and very hip they are too! PS 4 years later… the original video has gone and I can’t find it to link to. If you want to see him and his specs (still wearing them) you’ll have to do a bit of home work… search Google or YouTube or Myspace…