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Famous Four Eyes: Chris Evans & His Glasses

But Has He Changed His Spectacles Style?

Spectalces Before & After

Spectacles Before & After

A reader of Spectacles Blog has suggested that I add Chris Evans to Famous Four Eyes.  In fact he was incredulous that he wasn’t included already!  Well, who am I to argue…  Sorry to Chris and our reader.

So here he is with his signature specs…  Though if we look at the top image taken form the current BBC website, the glasses are a lot lighter, dare I say… a little more fashionable and probably as a consequence, less distinctive.  But life goes on.

We know that Chris Evans BBC R2 radio show includes a spot about websites.  I must phone in and tell him about our regular feature – “Famous Four Eyes” – in Spectacles Blog and his inclusion in our hall of be-spectacled fame.

Famous Eight Eyes: The Two Ronnies

Two Pairs of Spectacles Makes Eight Eyes!

Specs logo

I cannot believe that these two famous spectacles wearers have not been in here before! 

Two Ronnies

Eight Eyes

I know that I looked at them, the Two Ronnies (Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett)…  Maybe because they’re so Britsh and at the time I was stunned at how many US readers we had at Spectacles Blog! 

But these guys were not only well known for their spectacles individually but together (and they were together on the BBC for 16 years) they even had a logo device (as above right), to stress their be-spectacled comedy partnership.

Famous Four Eyes: Woody Allen & His Spectacles

Giving a Pair of Spectacles Makes Such Big News Already…

Same Old Glasses Since Whenever

Same Old Glasses Since Whenever

It’s all over the place… the story that Woody Allen gave a pair of his famous spectacles to Penelope Cruz as a souvenir afer they wrapped his latest film vicky Cristina Barcelona.  (Is that the name of the film or the story credit?!
She was overwheled with the gift “because it was so personal”

She was quoted as saying “And it’s my treasure. I love those glasses. He only has two pairs and he gave me one pair.”

Well judging by the photographs that I have just trawled, it looks like he must have had hundreds of them – they have hardly  changed (if at all) since his very first publicity shots – over three or four decades!