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Feminine Spectacles

Wondering About Feminine Glasses & Sunglasses

“The sunglasses and spectacles I have – they make me look unfeminine…”


Thinking About Spectacles...

Nottingham student Lim has posted a series of pictures on her blog accompanied by her concerns about the glasses & sunglasses that she has – that they make her look less feminine.  And boy has she got a choice of glasses – there are at least 8 pairs of glasses from which to choose!  Oakley, Guess, Oakley sunglasses, CK and finally these Dior Aviator shades.
I’d say she was a lucky girl to have such a choice, though she says most are just gathering dust!
She does raise the big question though of how feminine glasses can or should be.  Any views?  Any one think any particular glasses are especially feminine?  If Spectacles Blog sees any, we’ll post!