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Sunglasses “Fit-Over” Spectacles And Value Reading Glasses On Their Way For Review

I’ve ordered two pairs of spectacles from Reading Glasses Shopper – well sort of spectacles…  and sort of ordered…

Blue "Dot" Reading Glasses

Blue Dot Reading Glasses

The first is a pair of reading glasses called “Dot” in Blue for just $13.56 which I want to try on the wife.  The trouble is that she doesn’t need specs – or so she thinks, because she’s never had an eye test. But I want to see her in readers as I think it’ll make her look good. I’ve ordered the weakest power prescription of +1.

Over My Spectacles

Over My Spectacles

The second item is for me to test – over my spectacles. They are so-called “Fit Over Sunglasses” given that that’s what they do.  These are called “oveRXcast” with Polarised lenses and cost just $16.96. So far the value looks pretty good but we need to get them here first to trial for quality.

I think that Spectacles Blog will be able to give away a free pair of reading glasses from this retailer, in a little competition…  watch this space…