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A History of Terminator Sunglasses

Yes Governor!

Terminator 2 Persol Sunglasses

A reader from the Czech Republic has asked where he can get Terminator Sunglasses as worn by Arnold Shwarzenegger in Terminator.  However Marek (our Czech reader) wasn’t specific about which film – though I presume T2, which was by and away the biggest hit from a shades point of view!.  Either way: Happy to help…

Arnold wore Gargoyles in the first film T1 as pictured here.Gargoyle ANSI Classics

He wore the “Ratti” from Persol (model 58230) in T2, which is a true classic with glass lenses and meflecto joints allowing temples to stretch for comfort as pictured above (or Oakleys or depending on who you believe).

T3 SAMA Sunglasses

Lastly, in T3 he wore SAMA T3 – as named after the movie, I guess. These glasses were said to be designed specially for the movie with a zyl shell (what is that?) & a beta-titanium core (used in aerospace befoe this)making the T3 light & exceptionally durable. The lenses are Prolite with Polarized (gradient) tinting.

There are other “Terminator” shades – very biker, with aerodynamic shape – these just use the name & were not worn in any of the movies.

For the T2 (& T3) specs, cheap versions are available at the Movie Shop for just £12.99 (& £13.99).  Or if you prefer you could buy the original branded ones… I’ll look into the source of those