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“They Don’t Want Your Spectacles Repairs – We Do”, Says Glasses Repair Company Chief

Finally this glasses repair company have a new website! I’ve been waiting for it to appear to give our Spectacles Blog endorsement to this service which sounds almost too good to be true. When spectacles/sunglasses/glasses cost from anything up to and above £200, to be told by most High St opticians that they cannot be repaired (and you should buy a new pair from them!), can be galling to say the least.

So for a service to promote repairs from £9.99 (plus VAT and P&P) can’t be bad. Of course some repairs will cost more but they also say that the vast majority are under £19.99. They say they can fix almost any pair of spectacles/sunglasses/glasses, plastic or metal of any make and description and they also re-glaze in their own glazing department.

There’s a testimonial on the site which reads “I sent a pair of glasses for repair to you on Tuesday, you contacted me by ‘phone promptly on Wednesday and the glasses (good as new) are back on my wife’s nose today (Thursday). This is a service that I just didn’t know existed still in the 21st century”. This is the sort of comment they receive – I know because I have verified this testimonial!