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Famous Four Eyes: Harold Lloyd

This Guy Makes You Laugh: Spectacles Or No Spectacles

Smiles & Spectacles - The Harold Lloyd Treasury DVD Cover Art

Making A Spectacle Of Himself

Harold Lloyd in his (what would have been funny) round glasses has made many millions of people laugh and if we’re talking about being part of the persona, then for a modern DVD to be released using the word “Spectacles” in the title only endorses that view.

The image here is from a current release with ten hours of comedy – just $13 odd at Amazon.

His spectacles which were such a part of his look back in the 1910’s & 1920’s would of course be quite fashionable again now – but unless you were really going for the statement look, I expect that the hair would be different.

You’ll have to buy the DVD to watch the film to see if his spectacles actually feature in the comedy.  I can’t remember it’s been so long since I watched him.

Spectacles & Pout

101 Opinions on “If I Were A Librarian” Spectacles

Amazed at The Power of The Spectacle...

Amazed at The Power of The Spectacle...

This photo is from Flickr by katenadine (Kate Nadine?) and has the most enormous number of comments.  I haven’t been on Flickr that much so I don’t know how many comments a picture usually solicits but this seemed to amaze even the photographer/model!  I counted 101 comments.

She (katenadine) had captioned the picture… “I ended up having to do my 365 at work, and I was cursing myself until one of our bar men was goofing around in his friend’s glasses. I stole them, ran to the bathroom, and snapped away for a couple of minutes, very scared that a customer would walk in at any moment and see … well, this.  I need these. They rock. And I swear I never knew how to pout until I put the Magic Glasses on.”

Comment were on the eyes, the quality of the photo (what Flickr is all about), the pout and the librarian look.  I haven’t commented on librarians~spectacles since October, so it’s good to be reminded of that perennial image conundrum!

And this is a great picture – thanks!

Lunettes (Sunglasses to us) Anne et Valentin

Amazing & Varied Designs Of Glasses

Spectacles In Made Up Colours

Made Up Coloured Spectacles

Thanks to a comment received from a Sarah J, who suggested this spectacles designer, I have just visited the wonderful world of Anne et Valentin.  Self styled “rogueish” glasses makers, they describe their spectacles as “playful, brightly hued… whimsical yet crafted with all the care imaginable”.  And they have certainly pushed the boat out with original designs in great colours; colours they say they have created themselves.

The comment from Sarah was in response to someone wanting more “feminine” frames and they certainly have those – but I like the bolder ones.  Actually I like nearly all of them – as does aparently, Spanish actress Victoria Abril and Japanese couturier Yohji Yamamoto who both buy their glasses from this Parisienne Couture Glasses Company.

I thoroughly recommend their website to you all!

Make Your Own Sunglasses

Why Did This man Make His Own Spectacles… Really!

Too Bright Sunglasses

There’s a post about robots by Yanos Solong: Reality Architect on a site called Science Patrol, showing this picture and the only explanation is that “the future is so bright: I manufacture my own spectacles”.

I’ve asked the question of Yanos; what are they made from and why etc – and I await a reply!

Stella McCartney Butterfly Sunglasses Confusion

Sunglasses: Butterfly Shape?  Butterfly Charm? Rhinestone Bits?!

Sunglasses With Butterfly/Gem Charms

I’ve had a comment from Kelly, a reader who asks what to do with the gem and the “brown thing” that came with her Stella McCartney butterfly glasses!  And no instructions!

Spectacles Blog to the rescue (assuming this is a genuine enquiry and not a clever way for more cover for Stella sales!) and found two things: [1] Butterfly SHAPED sunglasses just to confuse things.  And they are completely different sunglasses from Stella, as right.

Butterfly SHAPE!

Butterfly SHAPE!

And [2] the sunglasses in question (now not available from asos at only £29) as pictured here on the left.

To answer the original query… the rhinestone and the brown thing are an alternative decoration and the brown thing a mini screwdriver with which to make the change-over.  OK Kelly?

Spectacles’ Cockney Rhyming Slang

“Posh & Becks” = Specs

Posh In 'Er Posh & becks

Posh In 'Er Posh & Becks

Just out of interest and really apropos of nothing except my whim, I thought it funny that Victoria & David Beckham who’ve given their initials to their own brand of dVb sunglasses make up a cockey rhyming slang phrase for specs!. (Do they make prescription spectacles’ frames? – I don’t think so.  Shame.)

Their dvb sunglasses are, says their own website, doing great.  Not only have the glasses been seen on the “designer herself” but also on Jennifer Lopez.

Victoria is seen here wearing the gold aviators (also available in purple) priced at £135.  Hardly Meryl Streep (= cheap)!

Trendy Reading Glasses On~Line

Crystal Clear Reading Glasses

Crystal Clear Reading Glasses

I saw these at a brand new website TrendyGlasses which I think just came on line today or yesterday.  They are all about reading glasses ~ spectacles and seem to have a pretty good range at pretty good prices.

These reading glasses (“readers”) are part of their Rhinestone collection with crystal* in the frame.  They cost $28.97 with prescription lenses.  They don’t show the size though.

*Did you know you can even get golf shoes with Zwarovski crystal now – check out Golf Shoes Blog

Will He Be A Famous Four Eyes: Gary Go

Trading On His Spectacles – Smart Man!

Gary-Go-Album-Cover ref spectacles

Trading on his spectacles…

Gary Go (real name Gary Baker) will be supporting Take That on their UK tour this year- after meeting Gary Barlow through friends and meeting in a pub.  Gary Go’s making a name for himself at the moment in anticipation with a new album and looks all set to be a star once the tour’s done, later this year.

And his image (see the video) is very much specs based.  He and his band all wear them in the  video and very hip they are too! PS 4 years later… the original video has gone and I can’t find it to link to. If you want to see him and his specs (still wearing them) you’ll have to do a bit of home work… search Google or YouTube or Myspace…

Spectacles Blog & Comic Relief – UK

Ways That Spectacles Blog Can Join Fund-Raising

Red Nose In SpectaclesWell for starters, for everyone  who clicks onto one of our recommended on-line retailers from now till the day (13th March 09) and actually buys a pair of spectacles from them, we’ll give £1 to Comic Relief.

After that I don’t know… yet!  I’m sure when it comes to the night, like so many others, we’ll pick up the phone and make a donation.  And the funny thing is (it’s comic relief afterall) the less money one has, the more generous one becomes!  And at the moment… less money is the buzz! But that’s not helping a lot – nor is it funny… I must think of something funny.  ANY IDEAS?

So far I’ve read that one opticians in Scarborough are joining in – from an article in their local paper. They (Vision Express) are giving discouts and giving out goodies and having a prize draw. 

For more details on comic relief go to rednoseday.com

To Kick Off “Your Spectacles”…

… Here’s Someone In Several Pairs Of Spectacles!

How Many Pairs Of Spectacles?

How Many Pairs Of Spectacles?

I wonder who it could be!  The author by any chance?

It was at a party and I was going for the world record!

Looking forward to any other pictures of you out there in your spectacles, glasses or goggles!