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Blumenthal Bugatti Spectacles: Update?

News of Famous Heston Blumenthal Spectacles

Bugatti Spectacles

Are These They?

I had found out and a reader has also written in to remind me (thank you Stuart) that the famous Heston Blumenthal Spectacles are said to have been made by Bugatti, as pictured.  This model is the Bugatti MG005.

They don’t look identical to me but maybe there was some customising.  These are available from Michel Guillon who has a website which you can visit, though I’m also told that this is in re-development.  (Why does M. Guillon have two sites?)

I have to say that I’m amazed by the number of people who are looking for news on these specs on the internet!  Google has been a-buzz with searches!  Spectacles Blog has had many hundreds of searches bringing the curious to the site.

POST SCRIPT: Sorry for the earlier lead mentioned in this post.  I have amended it.  Thanks, Tate.