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101 Opinions on “If I Were A Librarian” Spectacles

Amazed at The Power of The Spectacle...

Amazed at The Power of The Spectacle...

This photo is from Flickr by katenadine (Kate Nadine?) and has the most enormous number of comments.  I haven’t been on Flickr that much so I don’t know how many comments a picture usually solicits but this seemed to amaze even the photographer/model!  I counted 101 comments.

She (katenadine) had captioned the picture… “I ended up having to do my 365 at work, and I was cursing myself until one of our bar men was goofing around in his friend’s glasses. I stole them, ran to the bathroom, and snapped away for a couple of minutes, very scared that a customer would walk in at any moment and see … well, this.  I need these. They rock. And I swear I never knew how to pout until I put the Magic Glasses on.”

Comment were on the eyes, the quality of the photo (what Flickr is all about), the pout and the librarian look.  I haven’t commented on librarians~spectacles since October, so it’s good to be reminded of that perennial image conundrum!

And this is a great picture – thanks!