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Spectacles Blog Hits Over 400 Visitors A Day!  Vision Aid Overseas Recycling Old Glasses Becomes a Green Issue: Old broken Specs can Be Fixed!

Although the life of a blogger is best a regular affair with a post every day or twice a week or whatever, which means the imperative is always to have a blog up your sleeve, I cannot be clever enough to flesh out the following spectacles-related items into three posts – so I’ll just deal with these issues in quick fire.

[1] Spectacles Blog Hits 427 Visitors in One Day!

I’m very pleased with this because it means some people out there are reading this.  THANK YOU!  Having only started in September last, the visitor numbers have gone up every day.  If I keep it up, that’s 12,000 a month, which is starting to be very presentable!  Then even more!

[2] Green Issues Over Recycled Glasses ~ Spectacles

I’ve written about Vision Aid Overseas a few times. (See the category in the library and/or the info film made by Specsavers.) 

A Great Place To Share Ideas

A Great Place To Share Ideas

But now I’ve just picked up the green side – as in recycling.  SO you can feel good about giving your old spectacles to someone who needs them but cannot afford new ones AND feel good about the recycling.  They won’t however recycle old spectacles cases, so there’s a need to find another use for them – though I’d give them to kids, who love boxes and cases!

[3] You Can Get Your Old Spectacles ~ Glasses Repaired

VAO will not take broken glasses but you can get them repaired despite what you might be told on the High Street.  Phone Specs Repair on 01255 426 644 and you can do the whole thing by post/phone.  It’s not expensive either.